What is Zeolite?

Zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicates with symmetrically stacked alumina and silica tetrahedra which result in an open and stable three-dimensional honeycomb structure with a negative charge(-). The negative charge minerals atracts toxins and heavy metals in the body that are positive(+) charge to then flush the zeolite and toxins out of the sytem thru urination.

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Zeolite is a crystalline mineral, created naturally from the crystallization of volcanic lava and ash as soon as they came in exposure to soil or salted sea water. Zeolite shows a honeycomb building that in nature attracts in volatile organic compounds, because of its negatively charged ionic composition, as well as the positively charged ionic construction of harmful toxins. This unique ability of zeolite enables it to attract harmful toxins including heavy metals, safely inside the body of a human. Considering the fact that zeolite soaks up volatile organic compounds in nature, it is essential that you get an activated 100 % pure zeolite cage.

What Is Zeolite?

The properties of zeolite have fascinated scientists since its discovery in 1756, but what is zeolite? This miraculous mineral is formed naturally from volcanic ash and sea water.
Each molecule of zeolite has a honeycomb shape and is negatively charged, with pores just the right size for trapping positively charged heavy metals, toxins, and viral particles. Nutrients like potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium are too large to be trapped in the pores and remain in the body where they’re needed. As the zeolite is processed it removes many impurities and helps balance pH, which in turn reduces the chances of illness. The negative charge minerals attracts toxins and heavy metals in the body that are positive(+) charge to then flush the zeolite and toxins out of the system through urination.

Chelation is a similar process of sending a substance through the body so that it can capture toxins and remove them. Many products are available for chelation therapy, but they are far from ideal. Zeolite-based products such as liquid zeolite supplement are preferable by far, as they leave all needed nutrients and only remove toxins. Zeolite-based products have other advantages over traditional chelation therapy as well.

While chelation does draw mercury out of tissues, it can also be responsible for a phenomenon called “drag-and-drop”. This is what happens when the chelation agent collects toxins and then dumps them into the bloodstream. Rather than detoxifying the body, this can lead to further illness if the mercury is deposited in vital organs. In contrast, within six to eight hours zeolite is flushed from the body and safely takes the toxins with it.

Zeolite is a powerful tool against toxins, but take note that not all zeolite is the same. One zeolite mineral is Clinoptilolite, which collects and safely removes many heavy metals, but most especially lead. Another zeolite mineral is Chabazite, which has a far more powerful affinity for mercury.

The combination of both forms is amazingly affective against all heavy metals. Zeolite combines both Clinoptilolite and Chabazite for a thorough detoxing experience.