Zeolite Supplements

Zeolite mineral  provides natural cellular defense to enhance the body immune system. d-lite 3 zeolite

Zeolites are classified by the FDA as GRAS (Generally recognized as safe), Zeolite is a natural mineral and there are no dangerous side effects related to it, however some zeolite first time users have reported mild headaches during the firs 2 weeks of use. When using zeolite for the first time keep in mind that you have to keep the body hydrated as you will be excreting a lot of toxins out the body by urination. This is why is essential to drink a lot of water when using a zeolite supplement.

Even thought many called zeolite a supplement, the truth is zeolite doesn’t bring any nutritional value to our body. Zeolites ingested will be excreted from the body after 6 – 8 hours thought urination and feces, this mineral will simply help your body cleanse internally to help enhance your body’s vitality.

If you are looking to get more information about which zeolite supplement to use, we recommend D-Lite3 Zeolite. This zeolite supplement is the latest zeolite supplement developed by  zeolite experts,  pioneers and creators of  an ultra micronized and purification process that enhances the cleansing capability of zeolite. Because zeolite is a volcanic mineral that possess a negative charge its able to attract many toxins and chemicals in our body, but it does so also as a mineral in the earth. This is why is so crucial that zeolites are purified before human consumption.

 D-Lite3 Zeolite its a special supplement because it is the First-Ever Blend of 3 Zeolites in 1 Zeolite Supplement. Zeolite is the active natural ingredient contained in D-Lite3.

Dlite-3 is a blend of  clinoptilolite and its structural relatives, chabazite and heulandite, known to have a strong affinity for toxins, heavy metals, chemicals and gases. Created by internationally recognized experts in the use of zeolites for human health, DetoxiLite-3 is the next generation of systemic detox and is the ONLY supplement made with MAP3Z, a proprietary blend of three powerful zeolites, activated using an advanced purification and ultra-micronization processes. The zeolites have been combined with a proprietary rice wine vinegar extract and specific B-vitamins in a blend of essential nutrients that enhance the detoxification process and create a super-charged detoxification supplement, specially formulated to facilitate excretion of accumulated toxins from the body.

Zeolite Side Effects

Although generally regarded as safe by the FDA and many people experience no measurable side effects, there have been mild symptoms reported by some individuals while undergoing all-natural liquid cellular zeolite therapy, usually occurring at the onset.

Typically, such side effects are harmless and related to either dehydration resulting from the mineral zeolite’s binding action or to the detoxification process that can produce withdrawal-like symptoms, to be expected when cleansing the body of heavy metals such as mercury and lead and other toxic substances. This is why it is important to drink plenty of fluids while taking zeolite and lower the dosage until any undesirable side effects subside.

Most of the other common side effects are also related to dehydration or to the body’s own natural inflammatory response as toxins are liberated and removed, and can include feeling fatigued, achy, and nauseated, or experiencing headaches, rashes, cold-like symptoms, constipation or diarrhea. Again, these are more likely to occur at the beginning of the detox treatment and are usually transient.

Even if minor uncomfortable side effects initially present as the body adjusts to the cleansing process, customers can take comfort in knowing that zeolite is a completely safe and natural oral chelation option for both adults and children with no known serious side effects.

As zeolite works by drawing out toxic substances from the body, it may also bind to or interfere with other ingested substances including iron, herbs, natural medicines and pharmaceutical drugs, therefore it is often recommended that zeolite be taken alone to be most effective for optimal healing, and not close to the time that other medications are administered. An iron supplement or increased iron in the diet may also be beneficial while using zeolite, especially if anemic.

Overall, zeolite is an exceptionally safe, non-toxic, and effective means when taken as directed to chelate and remove heavy metals and other poisons from the body naturally with no significant side effects.

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